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Our Process

At Outdoor Living Experts, we take pride in providing solutions that work the first time! We incorporate the latest design and installation techniques into your project, so you can become the envy of the neighborhood!


Phase 1

Consultation: let's get acquainted and get to know each other

Every project begins with an on-site consultation from one of our expert designers. We will survey the area to discuss your needs, wants and budget for the project. By the end of the meeting we hope to envision your project goals and determine the type of proposal needed.


Phase 2

Design: our creative process; where we brainstorm

If no formal plan is required, we will begin to put together a full written proposal based on our consultation. Our proposals always include materials and labor listed separately, so you can understand exactly what we are proposing.

If we determine that a scaled drawing is needed for the job we will ask for a design fee retainer that will be refunded upon completion of the job. Depending on the scope and complexity of the job, there is typically between 4-8 hours of time in the design phase, and once finished we will have:

  • performed a site analysis that will:

    • determine that your survey or home plans are an accurate representation of your property.

    • determine grade elevations of your site, typically using a laser level.

    • include existing irrigation, and suggest a budget to modify it.

  • created solutions to ensure adequate drainage to protect new and existing improvements.

  • designed a 3-D conceptual-blue print of your site and proposed project.

  • created a 3-D video showing a birds eye view of the site, including existing buildings and structures.

  • prepared an accurate and detailed proposal showing the exact scope of work, and do our best to make you aware of any hidden problems that could arise on your site.

Our goal is to have a design completed within 10-14 days of our initial consultation.


Phase 3

Finalization: the reveal of your new yard

Depending on the job, we may meet again at your home or at our office since we are able to show you product samples on our Techo-Bloc display or loose samples. Meeting at our office also allows us to easily make adjustments to your proposal to ensure we have the same vision.  We come prepared to both landscaping and hardscaping consultations with catalogs or plant profile pages showing exactly what products we propose.

Our hope is that this will be an exciting experience for you...creating a space you will utilize and enjoy for many years! Our goal is that you have all the necessary information to feel secure in your decision.


Phase 4

The fun part: Breaking ground

Once you have committed to your project by signing your proposal, we will order your materials and contact you with an estimated time frame of completion. Due to the nature of our business, we usually cannot offer an exact start date due to weather.  We typically book several weeks in advance during peak seasons, so its best to plan before the weather breaks.

You will find that we pride ourselves on being dependable! Much of the construction industry has a reputation for starting a job and then leaving for days or weeks unannounced. Our crew working on your project will not begin another job until yours is done. This is our main reason for not being able to start your job for several weeks.

At the beginning of the project your designer, production manager and construction superintendent will have a detailed pre-construction meeting. This meeting allows us to ensure our installation process runs smoothly and safely from start to completion. Your production manager will be your direct point of contact on a daily basis, as he will be working on your property daily. The construction superintendent will typically make site visits at least daily and his phone number is given should there be any questions or concerns. During installation we will respect your property and your neighbors' property. We do our best to coordinate our parking and delivery needs. At the beginning of the job please feel free to discuss any specific areas you prefer us not to utilize.  You will also find during the job we:

  • arrive early and perform at least an 8-hour day.

  • do our best not to interrupt your routine.

  • have uniformed employees and craftsmen, and we always have an English-speaking employee on site.

  • take pride in our work, and if you have any questions about the layout of your project let us know as soon as possible.

  • try to keep your property looking as clean and organized as possible.

  • do our best to protect existing turf by using boards to access the site.

  • attempt to clean up your property better than we started when work is completed.


Phase 5

Educate: we want you to be successful with your investment

Upon the completion of every job we ask that you walk your landscape with us and let us know if the project resembles everything you expected! We try to educate you on watering and care of your new investment, but if you have any questions please call our office. Should you start noticing signs of decline please let us know so we can determine causes of plant stress and recommend solutions.

We also stand by our:

  • Landscaping Warranty

    • Our trees and shrubs (woody ornamentals) are guaranteed for one year from the date of installation. Please understand plants are living organisms and need to be cared for as such. Contact us for our full warranty.

  • Hardscaping Warranty

    • Most of our Techo-Bloc pavers and walls are protected by a limited lifetime warranty, and we provide a two year installation guarantee.

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