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Award Winning Installer

Our subtle lighting designs have been featured in multiple national magazines.

Outdoor lighting should be warm, luxurious, and inviting; not overwhelming. Our lighting designs are subtle and encapsulates beauty that truly completes your landscape. We are committed to making your lighting investment a long-term contribution to your landscape and an enjoyable experience to own. As a company we use only American made FX Luminare lighting products, because unlike hardware kit lighting, FX lights are engineered to provide high quality lighting effects that light with a purpose. We will incorporate the following lighting concepts into your design:

  • Up Lighting: using surface mounted or recessed fixtures that are aimed upward to create a dramatic effect that demands attention and establishes focal points

  • Down Lighting: when the illuminating source is above the target area, this effect can be used to light specific elements and areas or to illuminate

  • Path Lighting: should be used to draw attention to pedestrian hazards such as grade changes or to illuminate surfaces that can’t be reached by other fixtures

  • Wall Lighting: involves fixtures recessed in walls to illuminate and identify paths steps, or any other generally high traffic areas

  • Underwater: fixtures used for lighting a water feature, either recessed, sitting directly on the ground, or in walls, can accentuate the shape of the body of water, its color and even texture

  • Deck Lighting: with a variety of fixture choices, outside deck areas will have added safety, value and recreational space


During the evaluation of your lighting project we will take into consideration placement of the transformer inside or outside, use of color filters to shift color tone to enhance the desired effects, or any special features such as being able to control a specific area by remote control.


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